Glowing in the Depths

This is a close-up of a green vase with some flowers in it. You can see light glowing through the water and around the stems.

Glowing in the Depths


Candid Kitty

It’s blurry, but Cleo looks good on camera regardless. I don’t think I have any of Frisky in this batch, cute as he is.

Candid Kitty

Flickr Account!

As you might have noticed, all of my old posts on this blog have been deleted (save for the post about how I’m taking a hiatus to get more storage space).

Well, if you were concerned about the posts disappearing, be concerned no longer! I have moved (almost) all of the photos previously posted here to my new Flickr account, which can be found at

My plan from here on is to post photos to Flickr (which has significantly more storage space than WordPress) and then link the photo here. That way, I can keep updating this blog without worrying about hitting the space limit.

Poetry will probably be reposted to WordPress eventually on a separate blog, but has been removed for now because I think it’s best if my poetry and photography occur on different blogs.

Brief Hiatus

I know I usually don’t bother to warn before I just stop posting here for a while, but I thought I’d actually try to give a head’s up this time.

I’ve reached the limit of storage space on WordPress, so I need to take some time to figure out how I’m going to proceed. I’ll probably end up just deleting old pictures to make room for new ones, but I don’t want them to be gone forever, so I want to take some time to consider other ways I could proceed. I’ll start posting here when I’ve made room for new photos.